4.a - Science Backed Benefits of Omega3

Omega 3 is one of the few most studied nutrients. Here are some of the benefits of ensuring that you take substantial amounts of omega 3 daily.

✓ Omega 3 is known to keep depression, anxiety and other mental disorders in check.
✓ Omega 3 can also help minimize metabolic syndrome which may cause heart diseases and diabetes.
✓ Omega 3 can help lower bad cholesterol and decrease risks of heart diseases.
✓ As long term inflammation may cause chronic illnesses, taking omega 3 daily helps fight it.
✓ Consistent diet rich in omega 3 may decrease the risk of certain cancers.
✓ Consuming omega 3 daily lowers asthma attacks in children
✓ Omega 3 is a healthy addition to diet to reduce non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
✓ It improves bone and joints health
✓ Those who consume omega 3 reports having milder dysmenorrhea
✓ Omega 3 also helps improve sleep.
✓ Want better skin? Take omega 3.

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4.c - Ultra Omega

Our Ultra Omega formulation boasts high levels of EPA and DHA made from the highest quality fish oil. The quality of our supplements is unparalleled in the Philippines. Research shows that the amount and type of omega 3 the bodies need depends on factors such as age, life stage, physical & mental conditions and genetic dispositions. Ultra Omega provides optimal levels of both EPA and DHA to meet your recommended dosage.

Heart diseases are one of the leading cause of death in the Philippines. Increasing omega 3 intake significantly decreases the risks for heart diseases. Research has also shown that omega 3 contributes to healthy brain function and improve symptoms of some mental conditions.

Ultra Omega comes in 30 omega-3 capsules bottle. The combination of the purest omega 3 concentrate comes in easy to take gel capsules.