Leading organizations impose strict guidelines when it comes purity standards for natural products including omega 3. NeoMega products meets all standard excellence when it comes to sourcing the fish oil and manufacturing. This is why NeoMega is the best omega 3 supplement available in the Philippines.

Our Products Adhere To Standards Of European Pharmacopoeia Standard (EPS)

Not just the EPS but also Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega 3 (GOED). We make sure that our oils are the purest it can be andthat it do not show any detectable heavy metals, dioxins or furans and dioxin-like PCB

Highest Quality When It Comes To Freshness

Our products have no fishy smell as the fish oils are manufactured using oxygen-free processing which maintains the biological efficacy and integrity of the products.

Free from harmful toxins

Our fish oils meet international standards when it comes to purity. At least 750 times purer than fish! So you are guaranteed that it's free from environment toxins like dioxins, PCBs and heavy metals.

No Fishy Taste

We achieve the best products by only using the best ingredients that we can source. The latest technology in oxygen-free processing and world-class encapsulation results to the freshest, cleanest and lightest fish oil that goes in each capsule of NeoMega omega 3 products.

Exceptional Sourcing Of Ingredients

Of course, the beginning of any good product is a good source of raw ingredients. Our quality control begins in choosing the best fish species that have high omega 3 levels while low in toxins. All sustainably sourced in the cleanest seas.

Chemical-free and No Excessive Heat

We process the oils in several steps to achieve the freshness of our products we take pride in. This impeccable and industry-leading manufacturing process guarantees that only the beneficial components of the fish oil remains for the supplements.

Ensuring Optimal Efficacy

Many omega 3 products in the Philippines are in the ethyl ester molecular form, a synthetic fat. All our fish oils are produced in its natural true triglyceride form with 70% more absorption.

Research-driven and Innovative

Our fish oil formulations and manufacturing process are always based in the latest science and technology concerning omega 3.

Environmental Responsibility

We have always been deeply concerned of the impact that our activities as a company cause to the environment and the community. This is why we only work with other companies for sourcing and manufacturing who are also responsible and committed to environmental issues including regulated fishing and prevention of marine pollution.